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Wednesday 4th October

Enterprising 23 - Demystifying supports for start-ups and growth focused companies. 

Time: 9am-4.30pm

Location: Sligo Park Hotel, Sligo

Event Organisers: Enterprise Ireland, WestBIC

Registration: Register on Eventbrite

Event Details:

Enterprising 23 is an important event for pre-seed and scaling start-up businesses (HPSU). The morning session includes a panel discussion on Navigating Entrepreneurial Supports featuring four companies who have successfully utilised supports and a strategic Networking and Communications Masterclass for Start Ups in a Hybrid World. The afternoon begins with a lively quick fire Mastermind Start Up Founder Special where four start ups take the hot seat. Preparing for Investment is packed with vital advice on pitching and preparing for investment. The final element is a panel discussion on Attracting Investment for Seed and Scaling Companies.

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